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I am a life-long Democrat. I am a veteran. I am a Black man. I am an immigrant. I am a 28-year resident of Columbus, Georgia. My background practicing medicine, serving in the U.S. Army, and working as a civil servant has given me insight into some of the prevailing issues that we could improve to make our country better.

What I am not is a rich man with nothing to do. I am not a slick politician with all the right words from years of misleading constituents and benefiting from public office. I am, however, a man who came to this country and fell in love with it. I worked hard to get a good education and provide for my family while enduring the injustices that are still all around us. So many of us cannot afford to wait for shallow promises. 

"I decided to forgo my retirement to be the fighting representative that Georgians in the 3rd Congressional District deserve.”

– Val Almonord, Georgia’s 3rd Congressional District Candidate

Georgia's 3rd Congressional District

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